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Our story

APANA mochilas is a solidarity project, focused on collaborating with artisan women from the Wayúu tribe - one of the most endangered ethnic tribes in the world, who inhabit the region of La Guajira in Colombia.

The women of this matriarchal tribe, living in a sunburned wasteland, apart from producing and selling wonderful handbags, have very few decent opportunities to support their families. Their extremely vulnerable situation is worsened by the contamination produced by the largest open coal mine in South America. People from the Wayúu tribe are facing poverty and hunger, especially the littlest ones who are dying from starvation.

By providing local jobs we support the development of La Guajira communities, preserve and maintain their beautiful heritage, tradition and culture, and their extraordinary weaving skills.

Behind each bag, there is a personal story of an artisan and her family. Everything we sell is the result of integrating ancestral craft techniques and knowledge with the tastes, uses and needs of the 21st century.

Our lifetime goal is to combine business with helping the most needy. As I am an artisan myself, and also a culture specialist, I appreciate and support all forms of the world's handicrafts.