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Differences between single thread and double thread Wayúu bags

  1. Double thread Wayúu bag is much heavier - can weight above 0,5kg! The single thread can oscillate between 0.25 and 0.35 (depending of the bag and tassel size).

  2. Crochet stitch of the double thread Wayúu bag looks much larger and chunkier than a single thread stitch.

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  3. Double thread Wayuu bag straps are usually a little bit stretchy while single thread Wayuu bag straps have absolutely no stretch to them.

    Double thread

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    Single thread

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  4. Double thread bags have usually two types of simple drawstrings. Single thread Wayúu bag drawstrings are much more complicated to make and are definitely more attractive and sophisticated.

    From the top, double thread, double thread and at the bottom single thread

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  5. The most obvious way to tell the difference between double thread Wayuu bags single thread Wayuu bags is the price. A double thread Wayuu bag will cost less than a single thread Wayuu bag because it takes half the time to make.

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